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Have you ever found yourself scrolling and scrolling to find that one pic, many times not even being able to find it? Wish you could NAME each one of your pics? Wish you could add multiple TAGS to your pics? Wish you could search for a pic by name, tag or date? Wish you could instantly find the pic you are looking for? QuickPics Photo Manager is the answer! There is NO other app out there like Quick Pics Photo Manager!

QuickPics Photo Manager allows you to take a pic, name it, tag it (virtual album) and then quickly and easily find it by using the search bar and sort features. You can even name and/or tag the pics already on your device. Too Many? Don’t worry; QuickPics Photo Manager will automatically archive all of your pics by date to make them instantly searchable and sortable. With the exclusive slide selection feature you can select 100’s of pics quickly and tag them all with 1 click.

But wait there is even more! QuickPics Photo Manager is filled with other valuable and convenient features such as numerous photo editing options, direct uploading to your favorite social media sites, inserting pics into your email or text messages, synching with your cloud storage (iCloud, Google, Dropbox) and much, much more.

Moral of the story: Download QuickPics Photo Manager & Stop Scrolling!

  • QPPM Screenshot 1 – 640×960
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